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Greetings from Dallas, Texas….Oh yes land of the Cowboys (the sports team not actual cowboys …ok … well both!) =P – Yes Good ol’ Dallas is a beautiful city to live in today. There is a lot to do here and the city is forever growing. We have tons of new attractions across the city that are fun to see and visit. We share our name with over 20 suburb cities with our biggest neighbor Fort Worth.

Dallas Texas is known for a few popular landmarks. The Dallas Cowboys awesome stadium, The Fort worth stockyards, our awesome skyline view of our downtown buildings from the Margret hunter bridge to the new Omni Hotel .

Just recently the new Dallas cowboys announced the new training camp in Little Elm, Texas which will be called the Star. Grand Prairie announced an indoor sky resort. This is to cool! Snow in Texas all year round — Skiing in our hot 100 degree months will be awesome.

What is our site about? Just like our tagline says, anything and everything Dallas related. We will discuss new events, landmarks, news and photos about the beautiful city. One of my favorite websites to learn more about Dallas is www.visitdallas.com – We are not associated with them but will continue to ride along side of them with Dallas news.


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Web Designers in Dallas

webdesignAre you looking for a trusted small business web developer consultant in Dallas that specializes in small business web development? Check out Steven Cortez. He’s been around for over 10+ years designing for small bis companies from Coffee shops, to Pool Builders to Commercial builders. We also were able to speak with Steven over the phone which offered some great advice for local businesses promoting their business online.

Steven, Tell us about your businesses.

“Thanks for the interview. Basically what I do is help local businesses get more clients and customers online from those seeking to expand their business.”  I see a lot of new local businesses fail with marketing their business online. It’s all about getting new clients. Forget all the bells and whistles. Make sure you hire a designer who knows about customer acquisition.

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Local Dallas Business Spotlight 2015

Today we highlight 3 local Dallas based businesses that have recently opened for business and have grown tremendously since opening it’s doors recently. These 3 businesses are in 3 different markets but together are businesses that are very successful in the early stages they are at now. We’ve recently sat down with all 3 local businesses to see how growth has happened and to see where it is at now. To get your business highlighted contact us for more information.

MB is a american bully vitamin supplement that delivers growth, energy and nutritions to your dog. However this company isn’t just targeting the everyday dog. They are reaching the bully breed market. This type of dog consist of american bullies, pitbulls and bulldogs. These dogs are known for the muscle, power and strength they can gain and give. The company is based in Dallas and has grown over the few months. They offer 3 types of supplements, a gainer, vitamin and mass gainer. For more information visit there website.

Our next local business we highlight my Dallas best coffee shop — EC. This coffee shop offers great coffee, espressos and pastries. They are located in the heart of oak cliff in bishops arts. Check out this company when you can and stop by for a great tasting coffee. Columbian style coffee that will make you come back for more.

To get your business highlighted contact us today. We spotlight local businesses in the area. Your business must be based out of the DFW area and are growing in sales each month.

Local Design Services

Recently I’ve had a lot of people ask me about who designs my website and graphics. There are many designers around but a few I’ve worked with and trust who I know can handle my work. I give these guys full control of my graphics and they do an excellent job. The first company is called Mixtape Masters in Dallas.


These skilled designers work on many types of graphics, banners, flyers, brochures and more. They not only do designing but also printing. They’re locally based here in Dallas so contacting them and visiting them in their office makes it a breeze.


Feel free to use these guys both for any design and printing needs you have. They work fast and are professional and friendly.  I just had to give these guys a shout out on  my blog because I know the hard work they’ve delivered.

We will be back next week with more local post about upcoming Dallas events. The new year is around the corner and there will be tons of parties and events. We will do our best to cover as many as possible.

Dallas Business Highlight: Water Damage Dallas Experts

waterdamage2This weeks business we highlight in Dallas, Texas is a company called Water Damage Experts located online at www.waterdamagedfw.com. This company has years of experience and has been a Dallas based company for over 10 years. They’ve seen everything from new and old icons being created and destroyed. The WaterDamageDFW business helps residential and commercial businesses remove water from there floors, carpets, walls and furniture caused from busted water pipes and natural flooding disasters.

Not only water damage but other additional emergency restoration services such as mold remediation, flooding damage, fire damage cause from fires in your home and cleanup. “These disaster happen much more than you expect” said Eddie. He’s a current employee of the company.

Water Damage if not properly cared for can lead to mold growth which is even a worse problem to fix and correct. We want to thank the water damage pros for letting us highlight their business this week. If you have an emergency where you’ve needed help removing and cleaning up water damage in your home or building get them a call. If you’d like to be highlighted on our next spotlight contact us today.



Upcoming Holiday Dallas Events

dallas downtown xmasThe holiday season is just around the corner.

You can see it everywhere here in Dallas.

We haven’t hit Thanksgiving yet the holidays here in North Texas are big. From the tree lighting in Dallas and Fort Worth to all the events, plays and holiday fun are just around the corner. Downtown here is beautiful. The Christmas lights shine brightly across the landscape of the city on the beautiful architecture and trees all throughout the city. People decorate their homes beautifully with holiday spirit and you can just sense that happiness throughout the year as the new year arrives.

Below are a few upcoming holiday events you my one who attend here in Dallas in the upcoming weeks. On Wednesday the 19th at the Dallas Arboretum they will be having the 12 days of Christmas. Tickets are $15 each will be a great exhibit. The same day on the 19th the ice! Exhibits 2014 at the Gaylord Texan, an event will take place here with the ice exhibit. Tickets for this event are only $12. And finally elf the musical will be taking place at the Bass performance Hall at 730 on 19 November. This is a spectacular Christmas hilarious play that your family will all enjoy. Tickets for this event are only $44.

I’ll post a link to the remaining events here in Dallas news in which you can the all the details.


Trinity Groves in Dallas

Trinity Groves is a new development area in Dallas that is growing a fast pace. To access this area you have to take the new Margret Hunter Bridge toward Singleton in Dallas.

This area contains a lot of restaurants, shops and breweries. A few popular restaurants include Babb Bros, Chinos and Kitchen LTO. Just the other day I was passing thru there and the area looks great because the holiday lights are all on and displaying bright and beautiful.

If you get a chance to check out that area, please do. The bridge itself is beautifully  designed. Driving through it is awesome. At the end of the bridge continue driving east down Singleton and you’ll enter the Trinity Groves area.