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Greetings from Dallas, Texas….Oh yes land of the Cowboys (the sports team not actual cowboys …ok … well both!) =P – Yes Good ol’ Dallas is a beautiful city to live in today. There is a lot to do here and the city is forever growing. We have tons of new attractions across the city that are fun to see and visit. We share our name with over 20 suburb cities with our biggest neighbor Fort Worth.

Dallas Texas is known for a few popular landmarks. The Dallas Cowboys awesome stadium, The Fort worth stockyards, our awesome skyline view of our downtown buildings from the Margret hunter bridge to the new Omni Hotel .

Just recently the new Dallas cowboys announced the new training camp in Little Elm, Texas which will be called the Star. Grand Prairie announced an indoor sky resort. This is to cool! Snow in Texas all year round — Skiing in our hot 100 degree months will be awesome.

What is our site about? Just like our tagline says, anything and everything Dallas related. We will discuss new events, landmarks, news and photos about the beautiful city. One of my favorite websites to learn more about Dallas is www.visitdallas.com – We are not associated with them but will continue to ride along side of them with Dallas news.


Trinity Groves in Dallas

Trinity Groves is a new development area in Dallas that is growing a fast pace. To access this area you have to take the new Margret Hunter Bridge toward Singleton in Dallas.

This area contains a lot of restaurants, shops and breweries. A few popular restaurants include Babb Bros, Chinos and Kitchen LTO. Just the other day I was passing thru there and the area looks great because the holiday lights are all on and displaying bright and beautiful.

If you get a chance to check out that area, please do. The bridge itself is beautifully¬† designed. Driving through it is awesome. At the end of the bridge continue driving east down Singleton and you’ll enter the Trinity Groves area.